Attention Presidential Candidates: Give Me Some Sexy Process

A non-process guy like me rarely gets excited about the sexy topic of “process.”

But just once, I’d love it if I heard a candidate forget the lazy platitudes and opinions and get into some lovely process talk.


Here’s what I mean:

Almost every candidate running for President loves the promises, platitudes and opinions. They love to tell you how they’re going to Make America Great, or how they’ll guarantee free college for all, or how they’ll stop illegal immigration, or my favorite, how they’ll create 7 million jobs.

I don’t want to hear them say they’ll “fight for me.” They won’t.

I want to hear HOW you solve problems.

Not how you’ll accomplish the goal from a policy or strategy standpoint.

There’s no disagreement that the country faces many problems. Therefore, I want to hear HOW you solve problems. 

Give Me Some Method to Your Madness 

I want to know how you identify the real problem…how you prioritize the problems we face…how you explore the options…who you call on for advice and perspective…how you assemble a reasonable course of action for each problem –  and then, how you will implement the solutions.

Wouldn’t that give voters confidence? Knowing that you know HOW to solve problems?  Don’t you think that would differentiate you from the other candidates if you could launch into a “process conversation” of how you will look at the issues – to make things better?

Frankly, I don’t want to hear the same promises that have been made for decades. No one believes those anyway.

Just give me a little “process” and you might get my vote.

For Business Leaders

The same goes for us. Do you have a process that you’ve created to help customer solve problems or achieve goals? If you’re a true leader, then you will have a process for such things. And when you get in front of your customers, share your process with them when appropriate. Step by step by step.

When you do, it will give me great confidence that you have what it takes to help me get from “HERE” to “THERE.” And, after all, isn’t that why I will buy from you?

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2 thoughts on “Attention Presidential Candidates: Give Me Some Sexy Process

  1. Great post, Bill. Sadly, we are too often seduced by a compelling narrative that speaks to what we want to hear. People who can maintain the seductive narrative while also laying out the mechanics of “how” are a rare breed in business and politics alike. Would love to hear how you think about that as you do both very well.

  2. Oh Bill, don’t tell me you’re cynical about politicians? In order for them to give you some process they need to have some. Many of the problems they try to address are close to unsolvable or at least extremely complicated. Frankly I wonder if they spoke process whether many of the voters would understand what they are talking about anyway.

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