Dr. Rob Bell – Sports Psychologist (Part 1)

The 2X Podcast

On this week’s episode of the 2X Podcast, I interview a special guest, Dr. Rob Bell, an Indianapolis Sports Psychologist. This is part 1 of a 2 part series with Rob.

Rob’s book, “No One Gets There Alone” is a philosophical look at high achievement. He works with professional golfers, tennis players, and a cadre of gymnasts and sports teams nationwide.

Find out more about Rob and his book at https://drrobbell.com/.

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Expert Status

The 2X Podcast

This is our 5th in a five part series on Psycholgical Frameworks for Sales Success.

In this episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill breaks down “Thought Leadership” – what it is, what it is NOT, and how you can begin to embrace your own personal thought leadership.

Make sure you download the freebie on “Becoming a Thought Leader” for this episode at http://billcaskey.com/67download.

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Who Controls The Buyer Seller Dance In Your Life?

The 2X Podcast

This is part four of Bill’s Psychological Framework for Success that sales people far and wide need to adopt.

In this episode of the 2X Podcast, Bill lays out the Dance that goes on between the Buyer and the Seller. If you aren’t acquainted with this dance or you don’t know how to execute it properly, will be out of your control.

Also, there is a freebie that you can download by going to http://billcaskey.com/66download that goes along with this episode.  It will help you work through Bill’s initial step of this framework which is Crafting Your Ideal Sales Process.

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Episode #482: Should I Quote First or Last?

The Advanced Selling Podcast

On this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill Caskey & Bryan Neale answer a listener question from John in Washington DC. He’s new in the SAaS space and has figured out where his problem is but not yet what to do about it. The issue is, “Should he be first or last to propose?”

As you might guess, Bill & Bryan take the question and bend it all sorts of ways to come up with some good suggestions for John. This is really less about the SAas space, and more about how to handle the ever-occurring stall of “not now.”

Contact us at [email protected]. Send a clever question in and if we play it, we’ll send you a treat. Make sure you put your mailing address in your email.

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Are You Sure Your Message Is On Target?

The 2X Podcast

Without trying to be overly dramatic, that’s my question to you: Are you sure you’re communicating the proper message to your market?

Most aren’t.

Which is why I did this episode, where I give you several new ways to think about your target audience, and the messages that will get through.

Also, I prepared a Checklist for you. Just go to BillCaskey.com/50download to get your freebie!

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