Set Your Mind on Abundance – And Watch The World Around You Change

The 2X Podcast

2X Podcast - Episode 64

This is part 2 in our series on Psychological Frameworks.

On this week’s episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill looks into the framework of Abundance, both as a higher concept and a tactical execution.

Bill gives you some definition, followed closely by some lessons you can take with you to begin to a slightly alter your attitude regarding abundance.

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Do You Believe What I Believe?

The 2X Podcast

Episode 60

I find that it’s enormously helpful to understand the beliefs of the people who you take advice from. That goes for podcasters, coaches, trainers, seminar leaders and anyone that you turn to for advice.

In this episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill shares 5 of his most important beliefs about you and your potential.

There’s also a freebie checklist that is available by going to Let us know what you think.

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The Elements of a World Class Leader

The 2X Podcast

In this episode of the 2X podcast, Bill Caskey reviews the nine elements of a World Class Leader.

These elements will help you whether you’re in sales leadership, company leadership, or just want to be a leader of yourself and those around you.

There’s also some space at the end for you to share with him anything that he might’ve missed as the 10th lesson of leadership!

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Attention Presidential Candidates: Give Me Some Sexy Process

A non-process guy like me rarely gets excited about the sexy topic of “process.”

But just once, I’d love it if I heard a candidate forget the lazy platitudes and opinions and get into some lovely process talk.


Here’s what I mean:

Almost every candidate running for President loves the promises, platitudes and opinions. They love to tell you how they’re going to Make America Great, or how they’ll guarantee free college for all, or how they’ll stop illegal immigration, or my favorite, how they’ll create 7 million jobs.

I don’t want to hear them say they’ll “fight for me.” They won’t.

I want to hear HOW you solve problems.

Not how you’ll accomplish the goal from a policy or strategy standpoint.

There’s no disagreement that the country faces many problems. Therefore, I want to hear HOW you solve problems. 

Give Me Some Method to Your Madness 

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A Proven One Day Training Plan

For Sales Leaders That Never Called Me To Help Them

Well, it’s that time of year when we plan sales meetings and retreats. I’ve gotten a lot of calls recently from companies who want me to come in and speak to their groups but, unfortunately, my time is booked through February. I don’t remember getting a call from you. Hmmm. Oh well, maybe I did and just don’t recall.

Consequently, I wanted to give you CEO’s and Sales Leaders some ideas on how you can run an uber-effective sales training meeting to kick off 2016.
Here are the steps I take both for preparation and for execution of an event.

Step 1: Get Really Clear on Your Objectives. 

I find most leaders are a little fuzzy when it comes to specific objectives for a one-day training meeting. I suggest you write out 8 to 10 things you’d like to see as a result of this meeting and then build curriculum to achieve that. Don’t try to load it up too full. Leave breathing space so that people can absorb the content.

(That’s a major fault of sales leaders and CEOs. They think that since they have everyone in the room, they need to chock it full of content. Less is more. More becomes drivel.)

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