Framework For Thinking

The 2X Podcast

You know that Bill’s favorite topics center around perspectives, points-of-views, and mindsets. These topics apply to EVERYTHING we do in business or in life.

How we think determines how we act – which determines our results.

In Bill’s coaching, he is always examining what’s “beneath the surface.” He’s taken lessons from his coaching practice and, in this episode, he reviews 5 points that will help you think differently about 2X-ing your business!

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Episode #470: From Prospect to Client

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Does it really take 8 to 12 contacts to turn a prospect into a customer?

Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale address this very idea in today’s episode. We had an awesome question from a listener in our co-video mailbag segment. She is a wardrobe and fashion expert, and is trying to figure out how to generate more clients.

Bill and Bryan give her some ideas that really anyone who’s in sales and trying to generate more engagement with prospects can use.

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How To Create Superfans So You Get More Referrals

The 2X Podcast

Purdeep Sangha is my guest on this week’s 2X Podcast episode.

He’s the author of “Superfans,” a book on how to create enormous loyalty within your client base. I highly suggest reading it, it is an awesome book to learn how to serve clients so that referrals flood to you.

How often have you worked with a vendor who you can barely tolerate – and then they ask you for referrals?

You don’t do it, do you? Of course not.

Why subject your friends to average service? Purdeep gives you some thoughts on this big topic!

Learn more about Purdeep’s book at

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Episode #469: The Importance of Customer Experience

The Advanced Selling Podcast

What kind of customer experience do you give your brand new customers?

In this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale review the hazards of ignoring the customer experience. We all want more referrals and we all want to grow our current client business, but do we do all we can to make that experience with them such that they want to give us more referrals and more money?

Bill and Bryan give you six ideas that you can implement almost immediately, with little cost, that will help you rebuild or reconstruct your customer experience.

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The Elements of a World Class Leader

The 2X Podcast

In this episode of the 2X podcast, Bill Caskey reviews the nine elements of a World Class Leader.

These elements will help you whether you’re in sales leadership, company leadership, or just want to be a leader of yourself and those around you.

There’s also some space at the end for you to share with him anything that he might’ve missed as the 10th lesson of leadership!

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