An Example of Something Better Than a Resume

My daughter, Kara Caskey, recently finished a semester abroad program in Europe. She studied in Prague, but played in Scotland, Vienna, Milan and Amsterdam.

The point of this though is to share a great idea for college seniors who might be tempted to rely on a resume to help them get that awesome job.

I say, “To hell with the resume!” Create something that the hiring manager can see is a sampling of your work.

She did that in this video. Yes, it’s a great video. But, the lesson here is that when someone searches her name as part of the interview process, they’ll see this instead of some dumb resume. (Oh, yes, you will need a resume…but this tells a better story.)

Sales Methodology? Sales Process? Sales Philosophy!

Lots has been written, some tediously so, about Sales Process and Sales Methodology.  It will make your eyes glaze over. So in this article, I want to clarify what each of these are (in my opinion) and also share a third, more important area of growth for sales driven companies: Sales Philosophy.


Just for clarity, here are my definitions:

Sales Process

It’s the sequence of events that characterize how a customer makes his/her way through from Awareness to Comprehension to Conviction to Action. It is usually discussed in a step-by-step way.

An example: 1) Entry Point, which is how a sales person begins discussion with a prospect. 2) Needs Assessment, where the sales person asks a series of questions about the customer’s state or circumstance. 3) Education, where the sales person educates the customer as to how similar companies are solving their problem. 4) Alternatives, where the sales person brings a set of alternatives on how he/she might solve the presenting problem. 5) Decision, where the customer makes a decision on moving forward.

Obviously, these will vary a lot depending upon your structure, culture and goals.

Sales Methodology

This is more of an over-arching template, usually branded like Rackham’s SpinSelling, Konrath’s SNAP Selling or Miller-Heiman’s Conceptual Selling. It’s typically the “skill set” portion of selling. How to ask questions, how to position your product in the eyes of the customer, how to frame the value. “How To” is the meme of methodology.

Sales Philosophy

A totally missed and misunderstood element. This deals with the mentality of the seller. How one thinks about one’s self, one’s value, one’s expertise, one’s process, one’s customers, one’s follow up, one’s role in the sales process…etc,

My belief, after 26 years of training teams and coaching people is that a sound philosophy trumps process and methodology every time.


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When You Don’t Feel Like You Matter, Do This

That’s the number one question we ask ourselves silently, isn’t it? Do I matter? Sometimes we ask it as in ‘Does my life matter?’ More often, its circumstantial. “Do I matter in this particular area of life?”


I received an email from a blog reader this week that was most touching. Here is an excerpt:



Thanks for all the content publishing you do. It really helps. 

I took a job last year as a sales person for a highly technical service. And I’m lost. I don’t feel like my expertise can measure up to my client’s expertise in what I’m selling. And I don’t think it ever will.  

I’m thinking about changing professions. Either get out of sales. Or get out of this industry. I just don’t feel like I matter much when I’m calling on these high-powered doctors. 

What should I do?


San Francisco, CA


It struck a nerve with me. How often have I felt like my work doesn’t matter? Lots.

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How’s Your Mental Fitness?

I ask that because we’ve been inundated in January with personal goals, resolutions, financial objectives…but where is the talk about the ONE THING that makes all of that possible: a fit mind?

We’ve decided to make February Mental Fitness month and we’d like you to take the Challenge.

Read and act on each one of our daily tips during the month. You can Follow our Company page to get access to each Challenge; Go here on LinkedIn:

Naturally, we’d love you to share it with friends and offer up your comments.

Do this for one month, and let us know the result!

LinkedIn Group Question and Answer

The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

In today’s episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale answer some questions sent in by members of the Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group. The two important questions answered were first off, “why are certain Challengers more likely to be the top sales people and are they the future of new business?” The other question is “do you need to have another reason to call your client or is it okay to just check in?”

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