Are You Doing These 3 Things To Influence The Customer Journey?

I had a friend call it ‘the customer ride.’ It’s that customer journey that we’re all trying to figure out. 

Courtesy of LandRover MENA. The Journey To Beijing

Courtesy of LandRover MENA. The Journey To Beijing

It’s something that every sales leader and sales person should pay attention to. It’s the customer journey. That path that your prospect takes on the way through the sales cycle.

We sales-types love to vault over some pretty important elements as we seek to close business. This post is about influence and how you can behave in a manner consistent with how your customer buys. This should be the first step your sales trainer should have you complete, prior to any skills work.

Here are three things you can do to influence it:

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Are We Sales People or Are We Leaders? Caskey Interviewed

I’m always happy to do radio interviews especially with someone as good as Pete De La Torre on his talk show on WZAB, 880AM in Miami.

His questions are always poignant and well thought out. Here is a 20-minute clip from my interview where I talk about practice, high achievement, how to be less of a sales person and more of a leader, and other notions that hit us during the talk.


How’s Your Mental Fitness?

I ask that because we’ve been inundated in January with personal goals, resolutions, financial objectives…but where is the talk about the ONE THING that makes all of that possible: a fit mind?

We’ve decided to make February Mental Fitness month and we’d like you to take the Challenge.

Read and act on each one of our daily tips during the month. You can Follow our Company page to get access to each Challenge; Go here on LinkedIn:

Naturally, we’d love you to share it with friends and offer up your comments.

Do this for one month, and let us know the result!

LinkedIn Group Question and Answer

The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

In today’s episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale answer some questions sent in by members of the Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group. The two important questions answered were first off, “why are certain Challengers more likely to be the top sales people and are they the future of new business?” The other question is “do you need to have another reason to call your client or is it okay to just check in?”

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