Leadership Attributes: A Conversation with Ray Dile

The 2X Podcast

Ray Dile is CEO of Pathway Strategies, an HR firm in Florida. He’s considered a leader in the HR space.

Since lots of what we do on this podcast has to do with “leadership”, I thought it would be good to hear other voices who have been proven leaders in their space.

Ray brings a thoughtful and unique method of leadership to the market. He gives listeners a few ideas on how you can become a better leader – whether you’re in a position of people leadership or not. You can learn more about Ray at www.peomasterclass.com

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Do You Believe What I Believe?

The 2X Podcast

Episode 60

I find that it’s enormously helpful to understand the beliefs of the people who you take advice from. That goes for podcasters, coaches, trainers, seminar leaders and anyone that you turn to for advice.

In this episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill shares 5 of his most important beliefs about you and your potential.

There’s also a freebie checklist that is available by going to http://billcaskey.com/60download. Let us know what you think.

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Episode #408: Helpful Hints for Email Excellence

The Advanced Selling Podcast

advancedsellinpodcastgraphicbootHave you gotten stuck in a back-and-forth email chain with a prospect that didn’t end well?

In this episode, veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale dissect an actual listener email and break down what worked (and didn’t work) in his exchange with a potential customer.

Are you reading your emails out loud before sending to check your tone?

Are you out of balance with your communication style and language?

In today’s episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan give tactical and specific guidance to help you polish your emails and avoid saying something that gets misunderstood by your prospect.

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Episode #407: Sales Managers – After the Ride Along

The Advanced Selling Podcast

advancedsellinpodcastgraphicbootCalling all Sales Managers: there’s an art to coaching your team after the ride along. In this episode, veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale talk to Sales Managers with tips (and things not to do) when coaching after a ride along experience. This episode isn’t about the ride along itself— it’s about what happens when you get back in the car.

What makes a really good feedback session?

How do you help your team grow from the experience?

In today’s episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan give you actionable tips to you can use on your next ride along.

Hint: If you’re not a Sales Manager, you probably should forward this episode to them after you listen. You’ll be glad you did.

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How Do I Train My Sales Force?

I was oehinking the other day how little time I spend in my posts on the very thing that I have done the last 24 years – training a business-to-business sales force. This post gives you suggestions to get started, whether you hire someone from the outside (like me), or not.

The Myths of Sales Training

There are several that need to be debunked first. In no order, here they are:

1. Full Day Programs Are Useful. They are not. Wow. There, I said it. And I actually do one-day programs, mainly to launch a more comprehensive program. But I find that sitting in a room for 8 hours consuming a trainers content is not how adults learn.

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