My Ultra-Weird Goal That Needs To Be Made Public

Last month, I turned 59 years old.


As I was shooting in the gym that day, I saw a few teens at the other end of the court (basketball) trying to dunk. They were close but not quite there. It reminded me when I was that age, where I couldn’t quite get my hands high enough on the rim to dunk.

Eventually, I nailed it. But haven’t thrown one down in over 30 years.

It got me thinking about my current vertical leap. A quick test – an abysmal 12.  (You know where I’m going with this don’t you?)Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.02.48 PM

I wondered what it would take for a 60-year old to dunk. So I set the goal, right then and there.

By my 60th birthday, I want to dunk the basketball.

Really, this has nothing to do with dunking and more to do with goal setting. So, how does one who’s fast-twitch muscles have deteriorated, get the explosive power back? I’d heard that at age 40, you begin to lose those muscles, which are essential for explosive power.

Well, one sets the goal and determines what components will go into that, which I did. I looked at the INPUTS that needed to be worked on, in order to get the OUTPUT (the dunk).

In this case, the INPUTS need to create an additional 14″ in vertical leap. (Now that I say that, it sounds impossible….oh well…onward!)

My New Training Regimen

Here is my plan for my weird goal:

  1. Lots of leg stretching. Sitting is awful for hip flexors – and I sit a lot. So, I will begin each work out with serious stretching on all leg and hip muscles.
  2. Lots of arm stretching. Legs are where the explosion comes from but my shoulders and abs need stretching, too, So I will work on that. Unbeknownst to me, you can get 2-3 extra inches if your upper body muscles are limber.
  3. Visualization. I believe in visualization. In any goal-setting endeavor, your mind is responsible for your body. I must see myself dunking if my body is to obey. So, each workout, I will visualize the dunk for one minute.
  4. Weights. Quads and hamstrings need lots of work. I have a 20-minute regimen that my trainer created to begin to get those muscles back in shape, including plyometrics, squats, and rope jumping. (God, that sounds awful).
  5. Progress. Each week, I’ll do a jump to see what the change is – or isn’t. I anticipate it will take six months to get my legs back in shape so I have a chance at the goal.

In this blog, I’ll update you on my progress. May even have Travis shoot some video to measure progress.

The bottom line of this is not the dunk as much as it is a goal-setting exercise that is specific in its outcome, measurable, and requires lots of INPUT work to acquire the resources needed. Sounds familiar to your goals, doesn’t it?

Will you join me? What is a goal that you have that you can assign these principles to? I want to hear a wild, crazy, ultra-weird goal that you have. Post in the comments and we can make this journey together!!

Or, if you have some vertical leap exercises I should know, shoot them along. 🙂



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7 thoughts on “My Ultra-Weird Goal That Needs To Be Made Public

  1. Hi Bill. I’ve been a fan of your work for many years (love the book!). Your goal is awesome and outrageous. I believe you can do it. Look into the hindu squat for developing leg power. Yoga will help your flexibility and visualization. Also, the sun is the ultimate energizer. Be outside in it (safely) as much as possible in the the next 6 months. Good luck…you can do it my friend. I’m almost 44 and my vertical is around 30. I’m taking it to 40 in the next year. So, I’ll join you in the quest to dunk. I’m only 5’5″, so the only goal I’ll be dunking on in the next year will be the little tyke goal maybe elevated to 9 feet ;). Keep rising…Jason

    • Thanks Jason…I will explore hindu squats…yes, we’re brothers on the way to higher verticals :). Let me know how you’re doing. This releases today so hopefully ‘there are others out there.’

  2. Hi Bill. This is AWESOME. I was shooting around the other day watching some 20 year olds dunk and thinking just the same thing. Only difference is I was NEVER able to dunk (only grab the rim just barely)! Look forward to hearing about your progress. I’ll think on what I might commit to, inspired by your challenge. Thanks for everything you do to help people get better in a thoughtful, interesting way. Greetings from San Francisco – Tom Batchelder

  3. Jump Billy…Jump! (in my best Forrest Gump voice) Perhaps we can get ‘Slick’ Leonard over there to give you a ‘Boom Baby’ as you throw down! I dunked a volleyball in college…that’s as good as it will get I’m afraid.
    What I like about your post is that it reminds us to break things down into smaller, easier pieces and as we work and accomplish our smaller inputs, we are making progress toward the end goal.

    You got this, stretching at our age is priority #1 and if I see Slick around town, I’ll see what he’s doing next February…Chris

  4. Love the goal! As a fellow hooper – and already on the other side of 60 – I appreciate the time, effort, and perseverance it will require to attain the goal.

    Set one for myself recently. Dusted of a 1975 acoustic dreadnought guitar that I once was able to navigate. Gave my self 6 months to see if I could find the dexterity, and hand strength to make it through a few songs.
    Two lessons under my belt. Calluses developing. Still all thumbs……

    Keep up the good work William.

  5. Hi Bill,

    Good luck. I plan to use the same goal setting to my running plan and my sales plan. I appreciate the goal setting process. Especially measuring the progress. That is normally the step we miss. But it is in the measure we determine what is working what is not and points us to further changes.

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