Now Is The Time To Implement Content Atomization

An introduction to a powerful marketing strategy that few are using!

This article is the first of a brief two-part series on one of the most useful concepts to arise in the field of content marketing: content atomization. Read on to learn the basics, and keep an eye out for our second section, in which we will expand on these ideas! Cool?

I can see you right now – sitting there in your easy-chair – asking yourself this profound question: How in the hell do I use what I know to grow my business?

Wondering how I knew that? Well, after 25 years of working with sales teams, I have learned a little.

Something else we’ve all learned: the internet has revolutionized the marketing industry, and, by extension, the entire world of sales. The biggest marketing change brought about by the cyber age? The importance of content. The audio, text, images, videos, animations, social media statuses and other valuable, funny, and insightful material that your brand releases now play an enormous role in determining your success.

Generating large amounts of quality content, therefore, now represents a significant investment of your time, money, energy, and resources. (Or, at least it should!)

An important challenge for business owners, salespeople, and anyone else interested in generating income in this day and age (today), therefore, is how to generate content effectively and efficiently.

Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine: Content atomization.

The scientific definition of atomization is the separation of an element into its fundamental atomic parts. As you can probably guess, the concept of content atomization got its name because atomization forms a solid metaphor for the process. Marketing experts have realized that one of the best ways of generating exciting new content quickly and effectively is to break long-form content into its component parts.

What does this look like in practice?

Well, you’re looking at it.

This article is actually a fantastic example of content atomization in practice. This article has been (was) based upon a recent internal Caskey podcast. In the future, lines from this article (or inspired by this article) may be used in order to generate social media posts, informative slide shows, or any number of other exciting forms of content.

Basic takeaway: content atomization means using the component parts of longer-form content to quickly create new content!