A New Way To Look At Selling

Many of our models in our world are broken, but it’s hard for us to reinvent any model unless we look closer at what it is now.

In this video, Bill Caskey explains how the old sales model of “convince and persuade” no longer works. He offers a new way to look at selling and gives one tip to help you get the power back in the sales cycle.

**This sales training video took place in Indianapolis, IN on 5/1/12 at the Caskey Refresher Seminar.

How To Write Business Emails That Get Results – Email Tips for Salespeople

Sales people, business leaders and marketing types are always looking for the magic dust when it comes to writing emails.

Well, in this video, you’ll see why most ‘persuasion techniques’ fail when it comes to email. It’s not because your writing is weak.

It’s not because you use the wrong font. It’s much deeper than that. It has to do with the state of mind you’re in when you write them.

And once you’re done with the video, head over to http://emailitsellersguide.com/ to check out the 20 most common scenarios that create ’email opportunities.’ I think you’ll find some you recognize.

Aristotle Taught Us But We Weren’t Listening – 3 Ways To Improve Your Sales Strategy

OK, sales folks.  You got some advice from your friend Aristotle in 350 BC and I don’t think you were listening.  It was while he was being taught by Plato and just before he hooked up with Alex the Great.

His advice was very simple. In order to be a great sales person, you have to have 3 parts to your strategy.

In this video, Bill calls up some Aristotle wisdom and shares what those are.

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Setting Your Goal

Set the goal and work backwards. Ask the question:

  • What will have to happen for me to accomplish that?
  • Or, you can do what others do… “what are the roadblocks?”

That list of roadblocks evolves into your ‘strategy’.

How To Become An Expert In Your Industry

What separates the expert seller from everyone else? Can you really position yourself as an expert in your niche? And what benefits will you derive from that? In this episode, Bryan Neale reviews the many types of sales people so that you can see where you fit. Then he gives some ideas on how you can immediately become an expert in your world.

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