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An Online Training Course For Sales Professionals Seeking to serve Their Customers Better and Grow Their Business. It includes 7 Modules.

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23 Insights that will radically change your approach and profoundly change your results.


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The 2X Group is a Mastermind for Sales Professionals Wanting to Grow Their Business By Adopting a New Sales Philosophy.



Discover your true potential as a sales leader and propel your sales team to extraordinary heights. The World Class Sales Leader program is designed specifically for sales managers and leaders interested in expanding their skills to improve their results. Coming Soon!

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A weekly show to help you “2X" your revenue. Includes tips from Bill and from guest experts.

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Bill and Bryan Neale share stories from their work with sales teams and they answer questions from listeners. This is a Top 30 Business Podcast on iTunes.

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Bill contributes articles, videos, and audio tips on how to improve your sales philosophy - and your results.

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3 Tips On Selling A Premium Product in a Commodity Market

We picked this topic because it is an ongoing area of concern for sales people – how to sell a premium product into a market that sees price as the main driver.While the webinar will get into detail about a new sales model that will help go along way toward changing your attitude about how to do it, for this post, we thought you’d like to hear three tips that you’ll hear more about on the webinar.

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How Jason Doubled His Income

Jason was 35 years old with a new wife and a new house. He’d been in his current position for 5 years. He was a pretty good sales person -always in the middle of the pack. But…he knew he could do better. His manager was always telling him, “Hey Jason, you can crush this thing. You have tons of opportunity in your territory. What’s going on?”

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How To Make A Sound, Effective and Compelling Argument

Well, the election cycle has begun. And with it, comes my constant frustration (you might recall my blogs from 2 years ago) at how our politicians make their arguments, or, more accurately, how they DON’T make their arguments.

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