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the 2x group

The 2X Group – A Mastermind Group For Sales Professionals Looking for Next Level Achievement

Do you sometimes feel alone in the market? No one to brainstorm with, advise you or make sure you’re on track with your thinking?

None of us achieved anything great without a group of unconditional support.

The 2X Group offers you a systematic roadmap that considers:

  1. where you are now,
  2. where you’re going, and
  3. how to go about getting there.

Wondering if The 2X Group is right for you? If you’d like to set up a quick call with one of our instructors, click here. Or to find out more, go to



Same Game New Rules – “23 Timeless Principles For Selling and Negotiating”

Are you tired of all the sales books giving you the same worn-out, antiquated techniques? The modern market require modern principles to compete.

This book has been used by hundreds of sales teams world wide as they change their model for selling and persuasion in markets that are competitive and commodity-driven.

It’s time you, too, had access to the 23 timeless principles.


New Rules

The New Rules Of Selling – Online Course

Are you ready to learn the exact same selling strategies that thousands of sales people world-wide are now using to grow themselves and get results?

You know the drill – higher quotas each year, more responsibilities (more planning, project management, tracking of prospects and clients etc.,) and more time devoted to non-selling activities.

That means one thing: When you’re in front of your prospect, you have to be hyper-effective.

This is an online training course for sales professionals seeking to serve their customers better and grow their business. Access to the course is $97 and includes 7 video modules with downloadable checklists and other resources.

Isn’t it time your outcome matches your potential?



EmailIt Seller’s Guide – A PDF “Cut and Paste” of The Top 20 Emails That You’ll Need in The Sales Profession To Control The Sale and Generate Prospects.

No more guessing at how to word your most important emails!  This eBook includes 20 pre-written, ready-to-use emails that address the most frustrating email scenarios salespeople face.

Over 5000 sales people are now using EmailIt, The Seller’s Guide and you can, too.

Only $20 for the ebook.