“She Left The Store–He Got Nothing!”

I’m a bit crazy these days. I think this business is doing it to me. Why, you ask?

I have this philosophy–call it spiritual or call it practical–but the foundation of the philosophy is that the Universe guarantees the potential for our profound successjust for showing up.

Here’s the story.
I was at my pool retailer this weekend (having problems getting chemicals right–in the 100 degree weather). This retailer also built my pool so I know he has a high ticket sale on the front end ($50-100,000) with low ticket sales on the back end (chemicals).

I’m standing there waiting for my results to be analyzed and a lady walks in asking about pools. The owner (actually the owner’s son) is talking with her. Do you know what buying signals are? Those casual references to problems the prospect wants solved–the deep desire the prospect has to solve her problem? Well, this lady was pitching buying signals right and left at the owner.

He walked her through some of the features (seldom asking any questions about why she was interested or what she was hoping to accomplish with a pool). And the lady says, “This is VERY interesting. We’re going to do something this year. Let me think about it and come back in. OK?”

Being a sales trainer, I’m interested in the interaction–listening to this conversation. I can’t keep quiet. I say, “You know if you want a great pool contractor, this is the guy. He just put our pool in and it’s wonderful.”

She says, “Oh, great. That’s good to know.” And walked out.

I was aghast! A $70,000 sale that walked in the door and walked out and HE HAS NOTHING! Not a name. Not an address. Not a hint at where she is in the cycle. HE HAS NOTHING!

I came to my senses and kept my mouth shut…
As I walked out I thought how often that happens to each of us. Maybe not where a person wants to buy and we won’t let them. But think how often you come across someone–maybe you meet at a friend’s house–or at a civic lunch–and we get nothing from them. No business card. No phone number. Nothing.

And that person is quickly forgotten. Yet that person could be a suspect for what we do–or at the very least, they know others who are. Yet, we let opportunity slip away.

The Lesson
Be “list conscious.” Think like a direct mail company thinks. The list is the thing. That’s all the direct mailer has–a list. If it’s a good list, they get wealthy. If it’s not, they work on building the best list.

You have a list–and your list has the potential to grow everyday–with everyone you meet. So get a “list process” to make sure that everyone you meet gets on your email list, or your Friends & Associates list.

Capture data. It’s the thing that will make you an elite acheiver. While everyone else is sending blind direct mail and making cold calls, you’re harvesting those relationships that began with a brief introduction and ended with a happy client.