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the 2x groupThe 2X Group – Mastermind

A peer learning group for sales professionals and business developers committed to growing their results by improving their skills, attitudes and tactics. The 2X Group offers you a systematic approach to doubling your results.

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sgnrSame Game New Rules

If You’re a Sales Professional . . . You are being hit with higher quotas, more responsibilities (more planning, project management, tracking of prospects and clients etc.,) and non-selling activities. That means when you’re in front of your prospect, you have to be extra effective.

Learn the selling strategy that thousands of sales people world-wide are using to grow themselves and get results.

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New RulesThe New Rules of Selling – Online Course

An online training course for sales professionals seeking to serve their customers better and grow their business. Access to the course is $97 and includes 7 video modules with downloadable checklists and other resources.

Isn’t it time your outcome matches your potential?

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emailitEmailIt Seller’s Guide

No more guessing at how to word your most important emails!

This eBook includes 20 pre-written, ready-to-use emails that address the most frustrating email scenarios salespeople face.

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Rewire The Sales Mind

Everyone talks about how you must change your mindset, but what book is your guide? Well, it’s this one!

“Rewire” is about confidence and competence for sales people and sales leaders. It covers the 12 major mind shifts you need to dominate your market. I address such items as: Market Abundance Mindset , The Optimum Role of The Seller, Authenticity, Internal Scripts on Money, How To Talk About Money With Prospects, Creating The Optimum Mental Intent and more.

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Sales PlaybookRules, Tools & Attitudes

45 Codes of Conduct For High Sales Achievers 

This is an audio book that lays out the exact Rules (those understood principles governing sales conduct); Tools (those word tools that help you articulate the value your bring); and Attitudes (those mindsets that are so vital to you becoming confident in your ability and value).

When you are familiar with these 45 ‘codes of conduct’ you’ll radically change the way you deal with prospects and clients. And, radically change your results, too.

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