Is it a Strategy or a Tactic?

The 2X Podcast

If I had a dollar for everytime that topic came up – Strategy or Tactic -I’d be a rich man.

In this episode of the 2X Podcast, Bill emphasizes the power of a good sales tactic, regardless of your strategy. He also suggests that people look down at tactics, preferring to sound high-minded by babbling on about strategy.

Nothing happens in sales until you have a tactic that is delivered properly.

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Finding The Compelling Reason For Change

The 2X Podcast

We so love to get to the features and benefits of what we sell, that we RARELY take the time to find out what’s really going on in the prospect’s life. But, how can you match your solution to their problem – if you don’t know their problem in the first place?

Ready for the answer? YOU CAN’T.

Is it possible that’s why the closing percentage in B2B orgs. is less than 10%? I think so. Listen in and see if you can tell where you drop the ball.

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What’s The Big Idea?

The 2X Podcast

The process of creating and documenting ideas is elusive, isn’t it?

Do I keep it in a journal? Do I keep it on my phone? Do I write a quick article about it to keep it fresh?

And what about the BIG IDEAS? How do you “work them out”? Do you even get them?

In this episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill addresses a BIG IDEA around your customer – and how to develop it so it’s usable.

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What’s The Evidence You’re Successful?

The 2X Podcast

People love “evidence” don’t they? And we should all love it, too.

It’s evidence that leaves clues as to whether you’re on your way to your goals. Or, evidence also helps as you are in the sales process.

In this episode of The 2X Podcast, Bill Caskey discusses the various faces of evidence and gives you some ideas on how you can better use your evidence.

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Episode #456: Broaching Sensitive Subjects With Your Prospect

The Advanced Selling Podcast

In this episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast, veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale address a letter from a listener, Toby, who has to make sensitive calls to a number of prospects who were represented by two salespeople who recently left.

The guys give Toby a few things to think about and a few things to do in executing this task.

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