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Sales Team Training (B2B Only)


Does Your Team Have Enormous Unrealized Potential?

When you look at your team, do you see really good people who are not accomplishing at the level you’d like? It’s a common scenario – great people accomplishing average results.

Since 1990, I’ve been training sales teams in the art of sales strategy.  There are as many variations to what training could look like as there are clients.

For some teams, I show up face-to-face each month or quarter. For some teams that are virtual or remote, we do it all through online video and phone.

Areas of Skill (Curriculum)

The areas below are the 9 that we focus on when asked to train a sales team. This is our primary curriculum:

  • This is the identification of your personal story and how to communicate it in a way that is ‘consumable.’ There is great power in using your story – in your sales process. Nothing differentiatesyou quite like your story
  • Your message should be so well-crafted that upon sharing it with a prospect, it compels them towant to know more and to want to be a part of it.Typically, this message is framed around theirissues/pains/woes/dilemmas.
  • Most sales processes revolve around the selling organization – not the prospect.Your process must have theirinterest in mind. We will craft (or tweak if you already have a process) to insure it’s in the customer’s best interest to follow. If you have several products or services, you might need a separate process for each.
  • “Sales Ethos” is the spirit of the culture based on the beliefs we have on how to do business in an ethical way. “Attitude” is the set of beliefs that a team has about their future, their value, their role incustomer acquisition and their competence. Ethos and Attitude lead to confidence and victories.
  • The essence of this is the belief that every action we take in front of a prospect is either improving ourposition (in their mind) or discounting it. There are 9 Elements of Positioning.
  • Creating new discussions with new prospects – either through Referral, LinkedIN, other social channels,networking, or other means. The goal is to create a “system” so that each participant has their ownsystem of generating new conversations.
  • There are typically 10-12 “encounters” that encompass most issues in sales, identification of thescenarios that give you the most trouble and having a strategy for each.
  • Here, we will take the basic mechanics of how to call, how to handle resistance, how to usher peoplethrough the process,and many other common mechanics that are missed.This is based on client interaction at the most tactical level.
  • The key areas you believe are essential for growth? Where are you now – and where do you want to go?

How To Start

As with all of my work, it all begins with a brief phone call where you can share with me what you want to accomplish, and I will share with you how we could approach it. My minimum engagement is 6 months.

How do we guarantee results?

One way I have found to guarantee success is a thorough understanding, upfront, of the results you want from the training.

If you have a comment or a question not addressed above, please feel free to e-mail me by clicking “Let’s Talk” below or call my office at (317) 590.6295.

Let’s Talk

One Day Sales Training Event (B2B Only)

OneDay Do you have a sales retreat coming up that you’d like to infuse energy into?

Often, my clients bring in their sales team for a kick-off meeting, a retreat or a national sales meeting. The content I deliver depends upon what you want to accomplish in that session.

Typically, I find the more targeted and focused that objective is, the more likely we are to hit a home run. One way to learn the types of topics I speak on, listen to The Advanced Selling Podcast. There, you can get a sense of the variety of topics and philosophies I believe in.

Fees vary depending upon time spent, travel requirements, video or audio recording, and how much upfront preparation required.

Speaking Topics:

The New Breed of Seller

The fact is that many sales people are still operating on old, worn-out philosophies of selling. The “convince and persuade” model hasn’t worked for years, yet trainers are still teaching it, Bill reveals an entirely new way to think about the sales game. It starts with what you believe about yourself and ends with how you communicate your value to your market.

The Ultimate Sales Positioning

You are an expert yet you probably don’t position yourself that way. Most sales people shy away from that strategy. Yet it is the SINGLE BEST operating strategy if you are trying to convert people to your way of thinking. In this speech, Bill lays out a framework that will help you re-position yourself and your team.

Mastering Your Mindset

How we deal with ourselves is a telling indicator of how we deal with others. Self-respect, self-esteem and self-image are all soft concepts, but have more to do with success than selling skills do. In this talk, Bill shares step-by-step how to build yourself UP so that you can handle whatever the market throws at you.

How to Start

Once again, it all begins with a phone call where you can share with me your vision for the day. My suggestion is to email me and one of our people will coordinate a phone call. Click “Let’s Talk” below to start the conversation.

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