Evolution of a Salesperson [INFOGRAPHIC]

In problem solving terms, the rule is when you are confused about the next course of action you always start with, “How did we get here?” As we look at sales forces all over the world, we see problems like:

  • Closing percentages are low
  • Difficulty finding and getting in touch with buyers
  • Every part of the sales process gets commoditized
  • The sales process lasts way too long.

So, the first question we had was: How did we get here? The infographic below gives you some insight into how we see the world of professional selling today and helps you rethink your role as a salesperson.

*To explore this topic further, listen to this podcast (click here) or watch this video (click here).

Evolution of a Salesperson
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15 thoughts on “Evolution of a Salesperson [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. This is awesome!  Great  job to both DK Media and Caskey.  I think I’m going to make this a poster at my desk!

  2. This is a nice, succinct way of explaining how we got to where we are. The connection the infographic makes between declining trust levels and the increasing need for “expert” sales people is particularly helpful. Great work!

  3. Hey, you missed the first half of the XX century, the period when everything and anything worked, the golden age of manipulation and selling cigarettes to mothers, because the respective brands ‘were most used by their doctors’. Sadly, it was the time when big fortunes were made, and most blue chip companies appeared. With few exceptions most household names now are the same as they were back in the 20’s.

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