What an Economist Can Teach Us About Selling

The Dynamic of The Unseen

This is the sixth in a series of seven articles outlining the need for NEW RULES in your selling efforts. In this article, we’ll look at the Dynamic of The Unseen.

Sounds a bit mysterious, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

In 1946, Henry Hazlitt wrote a book called “Economics in One Lesson.” (click here to learn more). I suggest you read it if you’re interested in public policy or in human behavior.

Hazlitt’s premise was that economists seldom look at the long term consequence of a government action. For example, if the government spends $1 trillion on make-work programs, it all sounds great on the surface. People go to work. Everyone’s happy. Or, are they?

His premise is that when the government does that, there is also an unintended (unseen) consequence to that action. In this case it could lead to more debt, long term interest rate increases and taxes (someone has to pay for it – and it’s us)

Personal Application of The Lesson

I LOVE Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, so much I could eat them for breakfast. But, if I have a cup each day for breakfast, there will be two impacts.

The first impact is I throughly enjoy the flavor. No problems there.

But, the second impact I will experience is a long-term (unseen) consequence to my action. It includes heart disease, fat, blood pressure increase and perhaps a shorter life.

When I’m in the moment of consumption, I don’t recognize the long-term impact. It’s human nature.

Business Application of The Lesson

In sales, there is great power in helping the customer see the long term consequence of an action (or of inaction). 

The real power in this is that you truly become the Guide the prospect needs to help him/her get from HERE to THERE, whatever THERE looks like for them. A good guide tells the hiker what’s up in front of them and what to anticipate.

As a true professional, it is your duty – yes duty – to foretell the long-term impact of not solving their problem (whether they hire you to help them or not). I have one client who saves a part of his sales process for the “long-term discussion.”  He says it has radically changed the conversation he has with prospects and it juxtaposes his price against a longer term cost of inaction.

The mechanics are simple: “What happens to you and your business if you decide NOT to solve this?” If they can’t answer that, then you, as the Guide, take over. Walk them through it. Look at the long term financials and help them analyze the decision in an unbiased way.

You are not helping them BUY. You are helping them SEE.

When you do this correctly, you will have provided an enormous service for the prospect. No longer will they be focused ONLY on the short term cost. You will have expanded their perspective to see the whole picture. In essence, you’ll help them pull focus so they see the long term more clearly.

Is It Time You Changed Your Dynamics?

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